Swimwear or Sink wear? What is your child wearing in the pool?

When it comes to helping your child float, it’s easy to over look the obvious.

There are loads of quick and easy things a parent can do to assist their child in gaining basic swimming skills rapidly. For all the discussions about different flotation aids and the different methods of teaching, sometimes it is easy to overlook the obvious. That is that what they are wearing in the water, makes all the difference to their ability to float and move in the water.

Children have a big enough challenge trying to float and learn to propel themselves in the water without being hindered by inappropriate swimwear that drags them under.

For girls the worst culprits are swimsuits with skirts and two piece bikini /tankini’s which the children spend most of the time trying to hold up.

For boys it is baggy beach/surf shorts.

There is no reason a child can’t have a princess/Barbie/mermaid costume, just ditch the skirt and for the boys, Superhero trunks are fine, just make sure they are stretchy and tight fitting.

The other really easy option is to buy a suitable but inexpensive swim suit for swimming lessons and keep the beach shorts and tutus for on the beach. Suitable children’s swimwear is available at all the supermarket chains for between £3 and £6.