Success Stories

As a 62 year old suffering from total left side paralysis following a stroke, I have been attending weekly lessons with Clare. My ambitions were to relearn how to swim and with Clare’s patience and guidance I have now achieved my goal. I am able to swim the length of the pool using both front crawl and back stroke much to the amazement of family and friends. Throughout this period I have always felt safe and secure. Furthermore Clare has of her own volition researched swimming aids and techniques that may assist my lessons. I feel very fortunate to be taught by Clare and would recommend her to anyone no matter what their swimming requirements may be.


We have always taken Anna swimming with the family since she was a toddler but due to her level of disability found it difficult to find a swim school that felt able to teach her. Despite her triparesis and slurred speech, Clare worked positively with her right from the very first lesson and designed a specific programme for her. Clare also kept Anna’s teacher and physiotherapist up to date with her progress. Anna’s swimming lessons are always one of the highlights of her week.

Emma T (Anna’s Mum)

The patience and persistence Clare has shown with Edward has been integral to his learning to swim and becoming a strong swimmer. His Aspergers Syndrome makes it difficult for him to work within a group and his previous swim lessons did not work for him. Clare maintains a calm, quiet and predictable approach to his lessons and sets limits he understands and can work with. Swimming is something that Edward is successful at and truly enjoys.

Rebecca (Edward’s Mum)