All lessons take place in a privately owned pool measuring 15 metres by 5 metres that is always heated to 29.6c ensuring a comfortable environment for learners to swim in. The pool chemicals used are bromine which is more gentle on the skin than chlorine. The steps and hand rail are designed to make the pool accessible to anyone who would have difficulty entering a pool directly from the side or by a pool ladder.

The tiered depth of the pool ( shallow end 1m and deep end 2m) allows learners to master the fundamentals of floating and swimming in shallow water, but also means that the more experienced and confident swimmers can master diving and skills such as treading water.

The pool and changing areas are immaculately clean and checked on a daily basis to ensure that this level of cleanliness in maintained. There is also a viewing area for parents to watch lessons and a play area to keep siblings occupied while their brother or sister is swimming. The pool is only used by Clare Swimming and is never open to the public or hired out to other groups.